The partners are linked

heart to heart;

circle to circle;

like the flower of life.



You have found your way to partake in a planetary light work called “Heart Pulse Partnership”.   You are invited to contribute by using your coherent heart wave to shift the vibration of Earth through love. This work is purely energy.

The partnership’s purpose is to charge Earth’s crystalline grid and Earth’s energy field with a coherent heart-based frequency. The coherent heart energy is sent simultaneously worldwide to balance the masculine / feminine energy and to raise the love vibration on Earth. We are adding love to the field as a resource for people, so they can feel a kindness in the etheric field and hopefully find a way to be kind themselves, to engage more heart-centered choices, and send the message to the planet with all its beings that we are grateful and want to bring healing and goodness.   


By joining this partnership you commit to a sacred work of personal transformation and planetary service.


The Heart Pulse Partners Location

The partnership is an unbroken continuum of heart energy. We are all an equal link in this unfolding shape around Earth. No one is leading, there is no hierarchy, we are all following a personal sacred vision.  




The essence of this work

is  self-love.


  • Self-love is a simple act of including yourself, it is not something we do, or all of a sudden remember. It is more like an opening to something that is already within us and around us.When you feel at the center of your being, then you will know that love flows through you, like through all things. It is the matrix that connects us all. It is simple and the most challenging opening because we don’t believe we are worth having that deep love and connection to all things.
    — Gisela Stromeyer
  • Love is all you have to consider. There is no other consideration. Wherever you are, you are but a flowing stream of consciousness interacting with your surroundings. Your experiences are not external but always internal. Therefore the lens you put on as you are streaming determines the colors you perceive.
    — D.B. Ashuah
  • We ask that you give yourself a hug and introduce yourself. When you feel the love, you will know that you have reunited with “you.” And so be it.
    — D.B. Ashuah
  • When I loved myself enough, I began leaving whatever wasn’t healthy. This meant people, jobs, my own beliefs and habits – anything that kept me small. My judgement called it disloyal. Now I see it as self-loving.
    — Kim McMillen
  • Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.
    — Lucille Ball


The partnership’s intention is to manifest a bridge of light for the purpose of energizing heart centered potentials.

The Heart Pulse opens a portal through which higher-vibrational, heart-centered choices are energized and highlighted.  

You are asked to make a commitment to reside in your heart for a period of one year and to direct your heart energy, charging the crystalline grid daily at a set time for 11 minutes.

The Heart Pulse technique is passed on verbally from one partner to another, maintaining a vibrational resonance of a direct heart link.

This work is challenging.  Aspects of your life not aligned with your heart will surface and be brought to light. Your inner process of working through the misalignments is an essential element of this work.

There is an immense power to the heart when in coherence. The partnership applies a technology of geometric patterning, which raises Earth’s vibration.

Through this technology of synchronized heart waves, each person that is pulsing has an immense impact on the love vibration on Earth. Those who were meant to do this work will be attracted to you through resonance. Invite them to join the partnership.

When you align with your heart, every aspect of your life shifts towards becoming aligned with love, attracting into your physical life harmony, beauty, health, abundance, joy, and heart-based relationships to everyone and everything around you. Residing in the heart means becoming one with all that is, rippling and vibrating love to all. Therefore you are embodying the "I Am" as you walk your path as an awakened human, shining your light.


The Heart Pulse Partnership was inspired by the Angelic realm as well as cutting edge scientific work presented by Gregg Braden and the Heart Math Institute in California.


From its inception, the partnership was formed by a small group who aligned with this vision and work.  The heart pulse was conceived on 9/21/12 and the pulse was linked to the grid creating the first ripple on 11/11/2012. This partnership is sustained solely by heart resonance linking one partner to the other for the purpose of charging the crystalline grid. 



Are you ready

to dive deeply

into your heart?